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Friday, October 17, 2014

Halloween Outfit

I'm still undecided on the boots. I'm getting mixed responses from my friends on which to wear, but I'll probably go with the heels on top. 
My SIL is having a halloween party where everyone is dressing up, kids and adults. This is simple and fun, and I can use the outfit for working out when halloween is over. Except the cape, but it was only $11 on Amazion. I got the idea in an email from Fabletics. I just had to get the blue shown in this post instead of the one in the email because that color was sold out. I already had the boots. Done. I love Fabletics. I love that I can skip another if it's not in the budget. I love that they show me customized outfits based on how I like to work it. I love that my first outfit was only $25. I love that I et a discount every time I shop. I love that I get free shipping. I love that they support people, I bought a breast cancer awareness Tshirt this month where the proceeds went to help the cause. This is not a sponsored post, but I'd appreciate it if you sign up through my personal link  if you're interested. http://www.fabletics.com/invite/54348116/

Which boots do you like better and why?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fall decor

It takes a little bit of effort t teach Carter these little pumpkins and squash are not for eating, but I love my finished looks. 

More busy bag ideas


Laminate these. (Cut out first, then do four per regular size sheet of lamination pouch.) Cut out.  Do back to back, but make them upside down on one side so LO can flip it over and do both sides. Write letters on clothespins. Uppercase on one side, lowercase on the other. They can match the letters to the cards and spell the words. 

If you search 
1plus1plus1equals1 brown bear 
They have a bunch of printable activities. I printed this one for Aiden. You cut them and they match the heads to the tails. I also laminated them. 
Here's my completed matching cards. I did double sided. (The yellow duck head had the orange fish head on the back, and the yellow duck tail has the orange fish tail,etc). So I ended up needing one more so they'd all have something on the back because I have a touch of OCD. So I did a pic of Steve and me on our first married Christmas. Aww.

You can also cut the fuzzy sticks in half for the lacing balls. We made chains out of felt cut into strips and Velcro.

Busy bags

Busy bags are a quiet way to keep your little one still when the need to be. (For example, at a restaurant or during a younger siblings Naptime). They engage the mind (matching-sorting-fitting), eyes (bright colors), and the hands (stringing-making shapes). And they're affordable. 
Ill post each activity individually with a picture, how to make the project, what the kids do with it, and how much it cost. 
Use a zipper bag (2.97) so stuff doesn't fall out. This also teaches zipping. ��

Sorting colored pasta. Pretty self explanatory. 
I got a four section container in the fishing section. 
Multicolored pasta shapes. One bag has more than enough, and the colors are made using veggies. (Red is beets.)
Container 2.49 Pasta 1.45/bag makes 6 = .24/activity Activity total 2.73

Lacing balls. 
Practice golf balls and fuzzy sticks. I used five of a pack of fifteen balls per bag so there wouldn't be a bunch rolling around all over. You can lace these so many ways.
Practice golf balls 1.97/pkg of 15. 5 used. .66 Fuzzy sticks .97 Activity total 1.63

Felt shapes on ribbon. 
Cut fat ribbon to a length you like. Not too long or it'll be a hassle for the kids. Tie a knot at one end. Cut out felt shapes and cut slits in the center so they can be slid onto the thread. Encourage making patterns once they have the hang of getting them on there. I did the shapes/colors the same. (Yellow is only triangles, purple is only ovals, etc.) I got fun with that one and did football ribbon with Bears colors -blue footballs and orange megaphones. Which are more like strange pointy ovals and fat triangles. But whatever. Aiden loves it. :)
Ribbon 1.97/roll=9ft. Used about a foot per. .22 Felt sheet solid color .23. Used 1/3 each of five sheets. .40 Activity total .62

Making shapes. 
Craft foam and colored sticks. 
On craft foam, make a shape with sticks of the same color. (Do not attach them). I did square, diamond, triangle, and a five sided shape. Cut the foam to fit the center of your shape. The activity is to make the shape with the sticks to fit the foam. I made Aiden a house shape. It'll be fun to decorate.
Craft foam 4.97/pkg of 50=.10/sheet. Use 3 sheets. .30 Colored sticks 2.47/pkg of 150=.02/stick. Use 16 sticks. .32 Activity total .62

Paint swatch color sorting. 
Grab free paint swatches. You can do two of each color you want, or cut them in half like I did. Glue one of each color to a clothespin. I cut off the extra so it didn't hang off, to reduce the chances of if getting pulled off. The activity is to clip the clothespin to the same color swatch that's on it.
Swatches free! Clothespins 1.97/pkg of 24. Use 12. .99 Activity total .99

The total for the bag with those projects is 9.80 pre tax, so about $10. Of course, it would cost more initially because you'd be purchasing all of the supplies instead of just the portion you need. But you could do a billion other projects with the leftovers. 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Thinking ahead

Carter's has an awesome sale going on, but my kids are set for the year. I really needed nothing. I clicked the delete icon on my phone but hit the screen instead, which directed me to the web page where I immediately saw something cute. Prices I could not pass up. Then the genius in me kicked in and said "Self, buy these few things a size up for next year!" So I did. I've done that before. Aiden has a cool leather jacket waiting for him to be a size 5 (it was $5 at a garage sale). Here are the finds from today:

2.99! Are you seeing that one?! I'm so thrilled on the steal of that. The others are average prices but that one is what hooked me to buy something. Two tshirts, one dressier shirt, and a camo jacket. Classic pieces that will never look bad. 

Styling my kids

It's one of my great joys in life to dress my kids. They're already naturally handsome. I thought about what I wanted their style to be just as I did my own. It's pretty simple. I'll have to post outfits on my kids because the pictures of just clothes doesn't do them justice. Darn. ;) I do have one of an outfit I got for Aiden and he looks adorable in it. 

My free leggings!

I tried leggings before and didn't feel very put together in them. That was when I worked full time and needed to look good for work. On my days off I preferred jeans. I did errands. I was out and I didn't want to look like a teenager walking around with a kid.  When Lilli and I got our nails done, the woman asked her if I was her mother. I don't think I have to worry about looking like a teenager. What do you think? Will I look like I'm trying too hard to look like younger, or should I roll with it? Im going to try them again. This time I'm going to stick with wearing them on days where we aren't going anywhere. Maybe I'll like them. I love wearing yoga pants, it makes bending all over and exercising at random points throughout my day so much easier.