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Friday, November 21, 2014

Chicka chicka boom boom

Written by Bill Martin, Jr. and John Archambault
We love this children's book. Today, while were reading it, I had the fun idea to use it for the fridge letters. The boys love it. All I did was cut a piece of construction paper in half lengthwise, with one half slightly smaller, for the trunk. I folded green in half lengthwise and cut two leaves from each sheet. Two coconuts from a sheet of orange. I didn't have brown. They don't care. I taped every seem so Carter wouldn't rip them off and voila. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

D. O. R. K. Steve's shocked I wore this today!

Sometimes he still gets surprised at how big a dork I am. It's a good thing I have a nice butt. ;) I didn't realize my mom had my face in the picture, I thought she was just getting my sweatshirt to show my lil sis. So? I'm not great at photos. It's ok with me. I was woken up for the day at 4 by my two rambunctious boys, I'm way too low maintenance to wear makeup and do my hair every day, and AF decided to show up this morning. I've earned those tired eyes, dang it. 

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Work it! Shake it! Move it!

Ahhhh the exhilaration of pushing your body to its limit, then pushing past that limit. There's nothing as relaxing. These last few pounds have been sticking around, so I've been pushing harder this week, and you can tell. I have that awesome soreness in my abs and I've done so many squats I feel like my buttcheeks are going to fall off. YES! That's exactly what I want those annoying ten pounds to do. I love my body, I love all that my body is capable of. I love the way I feel when I exercise, especially when I look good. Cute and comfortable. My outfit from fabletics for November is the one in the middle. I have the breast cancer awareness top paired with black yoga pants, and the Tao print top paired with gray yoga pants. I like to have my workout clothes paired up so I have everything I need ready to go. If it's fast to grab I'm more likely to put it on and move my tush. Here's my link to Fabletics. If you're interested in signing up, please use my link. http://www.fabletics.com/invite/54348116/

Monday, October 27, 2014

Jar crafts

We had to do these! They're just too cute, and I happened to have a bunch of jars in the garage. Project cost was for free since we had all the materials needed. 
Dump a little paint (we used acrylic and craft paints) in the jar. Screw lid tightly. Let your kiddo shake it up. Shake it up. Shake it like crazy. Until the inside is coated with color. You'll want to remove the lid so the paint can dry or you'll just end up with a wet mess in there and a bunch of paint on the bottom of the jar (if the paint is runny). One of my paints was runnier, and I had to "roll" the paint around in there a few times while it was drying, so it didn't puddle the bottom. 
We did a monster, a pumpkin, and a ghost. I painted the lids accordingly. Aiden picked some stickers to use for the ghost's eyes and monster's mouth, we added Googly eyes to the monster, and I drew a face on the pumpkin and a scar and bolts on the monster with a fat permanent marker. We had fun with this super simple idea I got from a fellow mom. Thank you!

October Make It Monday

This month, we made:
•Frankenstein's monster hand and footprints. Paint foot and hand green, with the toes and fingers black. Draw on the scar and smile. Aiden glued the Google eyes on. 
•Spooky scenes with handprint trees. Paint hand and part of the arm brown. Paint a moon. Paint the blue background. Either paint ghosts directly onto the (dry) blue or onto feet. If you do feet, print them upside down so the toes are the bottom of the ghost. Once that's dry, paint on black eyes for the ghosts, or use a black marker. 
•Ceramic plate. Use acrylic paints. These stain, so be careful. Trick (ghost footprint) or treat (paint foot in shades to represent candy corn). We don't like "smell my feet", so I painted "trick or treat happy Halloween 2014" on the rim of our plate. I saw a couple of sources (Pinterest,blogs) say to bake it and it will set the paint. It will NOT set the paint. You will wash your beautiful design right off that plate. Use an acrylic sealer. I used mod podge super high shine clear acrylic sealer, you can buy it on amazon. 
We also did a couple on paper for the grandparents. 
•Stamp art. We made Happy Halloween cards for the boys' grandparents and cousin, and a thank you card to a family friend who gave us the stamps and a bunch of other fun crafty supplies. 

We do crafts every Monday, as well as watercolors and coloring throughout the week whenever the boys want to. As our friend Patti said, "Crafts and art foster creativity, reduce boredom and are excellent for fine motor skills besides teaching the obvious classroom skills."

Carter participates when we do prints, and colors when we're doing things that are more for my Aiden's age, like the stamp cards. We have so much fun spending this creative time together. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Halloween Outfit

I'm still undecided on the boots. I'm getting mixed responses from my friends on which to wear, but I'll probably go with the heels on top. 
My SIL is having a halloween party where everyone is dressing up, kids and adults. This is simple and fun, and I can use the outfit for working out when halloween is over. Except the cape, but it was only $11 on Amazion. I got the idea in an email from Fabletics. I just had to get the blue shown in this post instead of the one in the email because that color was sold out. I already had the boots. Done. I love Fabletics. I love that I can skip another if it's not in the budget. I love that they show me customized outfits based on how I like to work it. I love that my first outfit was only $25. I love that I et a discount every time I shop. I love that I get free shipping. I love that they support people, I bought a breast cancer awareness Tshirt this month where the proceeds went to help the cause. This is not a sponsored post, but I'd appreciate it if you sign up through my personal link  if you're interested. http://www.fabletics.com/invite/54348116/

Which boots do you like better and why?

Editing: we won't be going to the party. Instead, we will be doing regular trick or treating this year. I'll be adding a leather jacket under the cape for the cooler weather.