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Thursday, January 22, 2015

American Sniper

I was going to review the movie but it sounds like everyone's pretty much heard of it by now. I'll just say that overall it was a good movie. A certain scene was a bit intense for me, the reality that you can't save everyone and that some people are fuckers who will burn in hell. 

I am so sick of all the negativity about how American Sniper is a disgrace and glorifies killing. It's not glorifying it, it tore him up to kill. But he did it because it was necessary to SAVE the American soldiers. People go to see the movie about a sniper and they expect WHAT? It's sad. There's terrible stuff in it. But that's WAR. That's the reality of war. People fight. People die. You may not agree with war, but to sit there and say he's a bad guy when he's the hero who ptotected our men and women on the ground is so wrong.
In response to a question I got to confirm that he dropped a baby:
He did. He shot a boy, looked about 8. The boys mom sent him to run after the Americans with a Russian grenade. Of course Kyle hated to do it, but the other option was let everyone else die. And that fucking mother! She wasn't even phased that her son had gotten shot. She ran out and I thought I was going to see motherly compassion and loss but she grabbed the grenade and kept running toward them. 
I'm not claiming war is pretty. I know it's not. 
There's also another time he shot a man with a gun and a boy ran over, picked it up, and the whole time he was whispering "don't pick it up! don't pick it up! put it down! put it down!" He didn't like killing people. He did what he had to do. (The boy put it down if you were wondering)

If you don't want to see a movie about the realities of war, don't go to see it. Simple as that. But stop bitching about it and putting down the men and women risking their lives over there!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Having more kids?

Having a second child is a big decision. The question of "I have an easy baby so does that mean I'll have a hard baby next?" comes up a lot. I can only share my experience. 
 As for having two easy babies, I do. They aren't perfect, but they are very much the same. The difference between my first and second, is my attitude about it. When I had Aiden, I prepared myself for being up all night. I was happy to spring out of bed as many times as I needed to. I was patient as I taught him not to do certain things and how to do other things. I didn't mind that he took my time that could be spent cleaning the toilet. With Carter, my expectations had changed and I'm only now starting to see that. I've been working on my attitude so I can enjoy my children and they can enjoy me. There is impatience in my tone now. Not all the time, I know I'm not terrible, but it's there sometimes and I feel terrible about it. When Carter was born, I was used to Aiden sleeping all night and in his own bed, and then I had a baby who slept like a baby-not much. Same as Aiden had been as a baby, but it didn't feel that way. Looking back on the journal I kept when Aiden was a baby, I can see that they're developing at the same pace. The other difference is that I now have two, so no matter how they behave, I don't have that extra alone time like I did with just one. Nap time with one is a little reprieve to regroup. With two, you don't get that. But nap time for the youngest is a great way to get back some quality time with just the oldest. Another thing that comes into play (for me) is that I worked full time until I had Carter, so until Aiden was two I was gone a lot. I had put my time in working and was ready to give my full attention to my baby. With Carter I've always been home during the day (short time of working evenings and he was with daddy), but with being home I use a lot of my patience during the day and have a hard time mustering up more at bedtime. With Aiden, every stage got better and I loved seeing him grow and discover. With Carter, I know it gets better and I catch myself wishing we were a few stages ahead, when I should be enjoying where he is. They're both great boys, and I'm so happy I have them. I love being a mother. As for having a third...we don't know. We want to enjoy the boys we have and spend time with them. On the other hand, we love our boys so much and we could easily love another. So maybe we'll have another baby. Maybe ones already cooking? Only God knows. 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Fresh Space

I didn't set out to freshen up my bedroom, it just happened. After everyone asked what we needed for Christmas, then bought us fun stuff because we didn't need anything, both sets of our bed sheets got holes and tears. I didn't have to buy the comforter, but I did. The only excuse I have is our old one is ugly. It's also a hand me down, so I don't feel guilt buying a new one because I never have. Of course, I'm functional and we will keep the old one just in case we need it. (Cough...I forget to switch the laundry...cough) Handy Amazon suggested these cute matching throw pillows, which I love! Throw pillows and blankets are a thing of mine. I just love them. Cozy. Snuggly. 
So now our bedroom will have a fresh feel and its a little masculine instead of super girly, which is sort of where it was headed before. I was leaning toward a garden/beach theme previously. Now I've decided to go with beachy, but still somewhat manly with the clean lines and dark colors. 

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas! We sure did. I started my holiday baking on Monday the 22nd. I had two of my sisters over, Starrlee and Lilli. Along with them and my two boys, we made m&ms cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, white chocolate pudding cookies, sugar free peanut butter cookies, and sugar free oatmeal cookies. We mixed the dough for overnight chilling for the next day of baking, and played a lot of hide and go seek. 
On the 23rd, Alyssa came over and we made the sugar cookies and apricot raspberry rugelach. We played more hide and seek. It's Aiden's favorite game right now. 
On Christmas Eve, I made brownies for a trifle I took to the Christmas party with Steve's family that night. Layers of brownies, strawberries, and cool whip. Sooo yummy! I also assembled the layered Jell-O shots for the party at my moms today.  We had an amazing Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve, and the boys got some adorable books for the book exchange. I love The Duckling Gets A Cookie!? 
This morning was perfect. The boys love everything they got and I love that we didn't go overboard on gifts. We do three gifts from us to represent the three gifts Jesus got as a baby, and Santa leaves one gift and fills stockings. The stockings had an ornament for each of them right on top, and Aiden has been asking for a bell from Santa's sleigh (polar express). His ornament is the bell, "THE FIRST GIFT OF CHRISTMAS!" The guns and swords were such big fun and got out lots of energy before the party this afternoon, and the ball pit and kitchen set were huge hits for both of them! It took less than half and hour to unwrap, so we got to spend a large chunk of the morning playing with the boys. I had wanted to do a nice breakfast, but decided on simple. Eggs and toast. They didn't want to stop playing anyway. 
We had great family time at my moms this afternoon, and we face timed my dad. It was nice to see him. We got great gifts, including a couple of books I wanted, play food, a Mickey Mouse car, and a farting hippo. But the best part was everyone being together. Christmas has always been a special time for me. I hope my boys have as special memories as I do of this magical time of year. Celebrating the birth of our Savior, family time, and giving as well as gratefully receiving. BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!

Restoring Relationships. Being Personal.

I've noticed a lot of people seem self absorbed. In life in general. They don't ask about how other people are. And it's not just teenagers. Adults too. I ask how people are in real life (I hope I do as good a job at this as I think I do), but I don't on babycenter, and I realized yesterday why that is. I think it's also the reason most people don't think to ask. With facebook and (stupid) snapchat. (Sorry. I hate snapchat.), everyone is already updating and telling about their day so you don't really need to ask. But it makes you seem like you don't care, or worse-it makes people think you do care. About everything. (Stupid snapchat). I'm making a conscious effort to ask people about their lives. Will you join me?

Monday, December 1, 2014

Elf on the shelf!

Aiden saw his elf. Named her Ziva. Asked if she was pretend and is a little irritated that she can't talk to him. He said he's gonna touch her so she can't tell Santa he was naughty. I think it'll get more fun as the days go on and she moves around. We decorated the tree last night and she showed up on top of it. He was so exited to do the tree! He's been asking for a couple of weeks if we could get it, but I like to wait until after thanksgiving. Usually I put Christmas decor up December 1st, but this year we did it the night before because we wanted the elf to show up Dec 1. 
I wanted to do the North Pole breakfast but we decided to wait until next year, keeping her up higher so they didn't accidentaly touch Her and lose the magic right away. 
Steve got up with the boys this morning. (I didn't even hear them!) and I got woken up to a really exited little boy shaking me and saying there's an elf in our house! I followed him to the living room so he could show me and he explained the rules on the way since daddy read the book she brought! Helloooo Ziva!
Ziva showed up as our tree topper to remind us we need to get one!

He said "it's so beautiful under here!"
Carter doesn't quite understand the loop, he did a great job putting ornaments on top of branches. 
Aiden had a great night, and it was so good to be reminded of the wonder of children. Steve said last night that he never thought he'd be one to do all this, but kids make everything different. And they do. Everything is special with kids. Are you doing Elf on the shelf? Did your parents do it?

Thursday, November 27, 2014

November Projects

For these, we pressed footprints then the boys made feathers. Carter fingerprinted his because it covered more area in less time. I drew outlines for Aiden's and he colored them in with markers. He thought it was really fun when I made designs for him to fill in, like circles or stripes. 
1. Scarecrows made from craft sticks.  Have all supplies cut out and ready to go so LO doesn't get antsy. 
Put five craft sticks on a piece of cardboard to see how big a piece you need, and cut it out. You put glue on the cardboard and let LO place the craft sticks. You can help guide little hands so they're all somewhat straight. 
Put glue in a strip on brown craft foam that you've cut into a hat shape, and let LO place a strip of orange craft foam for the contrast on the hat. 
Put glue on the top of the craft sticks and place some straw from a hay bail (or you can buy this stuff but I have hay bails as decor for the season, so I picked some off) on the glue. 
Put a little glob of glue on the back of the hat, toward the bottom and let LO place the hat. 
Put tiny drops of glue where you want the eyes and nose (triangle cut from Orange craft foam) and let LO place them. 
Draw on a smile. 
Aiden was interested to learn what scarecrows do. 
2. Leaf rubbing. Collect a few leaves and tape them to your table. Tape corners of a piece of paper on top of the leaves, and color with crayons. Just fill in all the space. The veins in the leaves will show through and it ends up looking pretty nifty, especially when you use a bunch of colors. 
3. Turkey Jar. I put gold acrylic paint inside a small glass baby food jar and let Aiden shake it all up to coat the jar. Tighten the lid. Glue on Googley eyes and a craft foam nose. Trace hand on foam and cut out, use that as template to cut others out. I used two of Aiden's and two of Carters for our turkey. Aiden cut the leftover foam into "leaves" for the turkey to play in. We also put the acorns we painted with acrylics (7) in the bowl. 
4,5,&6. Treat Tuesday. We made fruit turkeys a few days because the boys loved these so much, cheesy leaf rolls from crescent dough, (Pressed seems together, cut out leaf shapes, sprinkled cheese on top, baked) and we made a pie for pastors family. 
8. Thankful turkeys. I cut a paper towel tube for the body. Colored paper made the nose and feet, Googley eyes, and paper feathers. I asked Aiden what he was thankful for, and asked what else until I had six. I guessed on Carters. Aiden enjoyed glueing his all himself.