Encouragement For Women

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Thinking ahead

Carter's has an awesome sale going on, but my kids are set for the year. I really needed nothing. I clicked the delete icon on my phone but hit the screen instead, which directed me to the web page where I immediately saw something cute. Prices I could not pass up. Then the genius in me kicked in and said "Self, buy these few things a size up for next year!" So I did. I've done that before. Aiden has a cool leather jacket waiting for him to be a size 5 (it was $5 at a garage sale). Here are the finds from today:

2.99! Are you seeing that one?! I'm so thrilled on the steal of that. The others are average prices but that one is what hooked me to buy something. Two tshirts, one dressier shirt, and a camo jacket. Classic pieces that will never look bad. 

Styling my kids

It's one of my great joys in life to dress my kids. They're already naturally handsome. I thought about what I wanted their style to be just as I did my own. It's pretty simple. I'll have to post outfits on my kids because the pictures of just clothes doesn't do them justice. Darn. ;) I do have one of an outfit I got for Aiden and he looks adorable in it. 

My free leggings!

I tried leggings before and didn't feel very put together in them. That was when I worked full time and needed to look good for work. On my days off I preferred jeans. I did errands. I was out and I didn't want to look like a teenager walking around with a kid.  When Lilli and I got our nails done, the woman asked her if I was her mother. I don't think I have to worry about looking like a teenager. What do you think? Will I look like I'm trying too hard to look like younger, or should I roll with it? Im going to try them again. This time I'm going to stick with wearing them on days where we aren't going anywhere. Maybe I'll like them. I love wearing yoga pants, it makes bending all over and exercising at random points throughout my day so much easier. 


I used to have an awesome pair of corduroy pants. They were perfect. So comfortable and cute. They accidentally got washed with a brand new dark red apron. I couldn't get the stains out. It looked like someone murdered someone else while wearing these pants. 'Twas a sad sad day. 
I got an email today reminding me that Victoria's Secret has a "win a trip to the fashion show" going on now and I am entered to win when I use my VS card. So I took this opportunity and got a pair of corduroy pants! I can't wait to get them. I have a beautiful top that I got from The Limited a couple of years back and it will go perfectly with these for a dressed up casual look. I also bought a simple blue tunic to go with my free pair of leggings. 
Being a stay at home mom, my style can easily get pushed aside. It often does. I don't often make time to do my hair, it's almost always in a ponytail. I rarely do my makeup, sticking to facewash and moisturizer only. Having simple pieces that look fantastic makes it that much easier to not look like a slob in my every day life. I want to choose pieces that look like I put some effort into my appearance, without spending a ton of time in my closet. These have structure and will go with a variety of looks. I plan to wear them with a blue button down plaid top, a pretty rose colored sweater, and a bears football tshirt. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Girls night out

This afternoon I took the boys to have lunch with ther daddy and grandpa. They love that. All four of them. Steve told me I needed to get out for a while. Go do something. Get my nails done or go shopping it whatever girls do when they go out. I laughed it off. 
After lunch I called my mom to let her know we'd be stopping by to drop off a cake pop Aiden had to get for his aunt Alyssa. He loves her and she's Carter's favorite person ever. I asked if I could bring my sister Lilli over for a bit to hang with the boys. They've really missed her since she started school. (They've missed aunt Starrlee too but it's a little harder to just go pick her up...because my little sister is all grown up in college now! I'm so proud of her.) My mom said she was planning on taking her to get her nails done since tonight is the only night she doesn't have cheerleading practice. My lil sister is the total package. She's a big nerd just like me, she's freaking adorable, and she's the nicest person you'll ever meet. So I said that's perfect, the nail salon is in my town and my mom could pick her up after work. When she was on her way to get Lilli, she mentioned shed just be dropping her off, and who wants to get their nails done alone? So I said I'd take her. It was a great evening. I got a beautiful no chip manicure in a pretty fall shade an Lilli got an awesome blue tip gel manicure for homecoming. (I said she needed the number 9 on her thumb nails and three of her other nails blue with the last one clear.) We then stopped by Maurice's to see how much my plum purse is that I got there for my fall wardrobe, because she loves it. Who wouldn't? It's adorable. Anyway....that place is my downfall. She helped style me. I got at shirt that I had fallen on love with the second I saw it in the promotional flyer they sent to my house (with a 20% off coupon that I left at home!). These super cute knit pants that I thought showed all my stuff I wasn't so proud of. However, my sister and my best friend (I had to text her and get a second opinion) said they looked great on me. Then my sister reminded me the name of my blog is sexy CONFIDENT woman! And I need to be that woman. I'm honestly not that woman right now. I have about ten pounds to lose to be where I want. It's really hard to feel confident and sexy when all of my clothes are just that tiniest bit too tight that you know it doesn't flatter your body the way it should. That is why it's so important to buy clothes that fit! I'm working on it. Slowly but surely the weight is coming off. It's been almost a year since I had Carter. It only took three months to get my body back after Aiden. I did work harder to get it off though, and you can tell. I need to keep my butt moving. Push to exercise. It feels great when I make the time to do it. I really love to push past the point of pain until it just feels so good and I'm all sweaty and probably smell bad but my body feels so alive and I can conquer the world! Then the next morning I didn't lose ten pounds in one day and I eat a box of cookies. Just kidding about that last line. It's not that easy to take me down and goals aren't met overnight. I'm trying to be happy where I am and also work on improving what I have at the same time. I also got these kick ass boots that I wasn't sure about and debated for a bit but I kind of decided I love them all at once. 
We had a fun sister night. I love spending time with my sisters. And Steve said my nails are cute when I got home so bonus feel good points there. I won't turn down a compliment. 

Friday, September 19, 2014

The Experience

The aroma fills the house as the coffee fills my cup. And it is good. My favorite is a simple breakfast blend, but the past few days I've been drinking an autumn blend. This is our morning routine:
Steve usually gets up with the boys, changing them out of their Jammie's and getting them dressed for the day. I get to sleep in a little longer while they watch a show. They all come in and wake me up. Yesterday it was with nerf guns. Steve and Aiden on the attack and Carter grinning over the side of the bed at me.
I brew my k-cup while we get breakfast ready, and we all sit down to a nice breakfast. 
Maybe this is crazy, but it makes me so happy when I use a pretty cup for my coffee. I love the shorter fat ones. (They also fit in my single cup keurig the best.) I have two by The Pampered Chef that I love, but I just needed more. We do Sunday breakfast with my husbands family. There are 6 adults and 3 children. Four of us drink coffee. (In all fairness, I can remove the bottom of the machine to use a taller glass but I don't want to go through the hassle. I'll save the taller glasses for my leaf teas and mulled cider.) I happened to stop by Starbucks the other day and saw these two beautiful cups for around $10 each. I loved them right away. I bought them. She then told me about a beautiful blue one they had, but when she went to show me they were gone. She made it sound so pretty that I was actually sad when I couldn't have it. Naturally, I went online to see what I was missing out on and you can bet your bottom dollar that I will own this some day. It is so pretty. The ones I bought are from the artisan collection. The other is the anniversary siren. I'm really glad I went in that day instead of using one with a drive-through.

*this is not a sponsored post. 

Friday, August 29, 2014

A letter to walmart

Dear Walmart, 
I must admit, you  irritate me sometimes. You're always moving groceries around. It's frustrating, I dislike grocery shopping as it is, and having to search for a product I use adds to the aggravation. Let's just say what everyone says already anyway: Get some more registers opened. And take out those dang self checkouts. Self checkouts are one of the stupidest inventions. Ever. Not only does it take away jobs, it doesn't give you a discount for the paycheck they don't have to write. Loss all around. Personally, I'd rather they actually employ someone. Feed a family. 
On the positive side, you always have a donation going and you let children raise money outside the doors. I love that it keeps me mindful of giving and that I can do it right there. Sending wipes and protein bars to our troops, giving a bag of school supplies to children, and supporting the children's cancer foundation make me happy. It feels good to help and I'm grateful for the opportunity. 
Walmart, you have recently impressed me to a great level. (So much so that I had to write you a letter to express my happiness.) Because of you, I am now the proud owner of two Harry Potter tshirts. Oh yeah! Harry Potter is my favorite book and series. Of. All. Time. (Insert big dramatic voice right there.) 
The only negative thing I can say about them is that they're only carried in juniors. My generation is the HP lovers. We need woman sizes. I'm a little bitter that my usual medium size status changed to extra large in juniors. �� I'm not a junior, so I'm not too bummed. However, the plus sized woman checking me out loved them and was very disappointed that I got the biggest size they had. Back to the positive. I love them! I love them! I love them! Thank you, Walmart! 

P.S. What is fall without football? I needed something to support my team. I look downright sexy in a hat, too. GO BEARS!